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The WESTCHINASTORY project, a writing format for recording local characteristics and expressing self-observations, has been carried out for 10 years. In 2022, the WESTCHINSTORY Original Writing Competition was transformed into Creative Design Competition, so as to further engage with globally relevant competitions and thus enable the student winners to begin to make their presence felt on the world stage and communicate with students around the world on arts and culture.
‘Give each student a public stage ’

Activity Examples
Sayling Wen, the founder of Town and Talent Technologies (China) Co., Ltd, had been committed to develop western China during his life time, invest the resources and establish network system centering the school, subsidize local students to communicate with the outside through scientific and technological power, and introduce local culture and conditions of the people to the outside. For over a decade, more than 900 warm-hearted people and enterprises have subsidized the activity in addition to Sayling Wen’s enterprise. Sponsors can communicate with the aided students and concern for student grow and learning directly via the network platform.
The award-winning works